Thursday, March 28, 2013

Help to save Dynamite Entertainment's "The Spider" from cancellation!

 Hello there everyone, it's your favorite web spider here bringing you a very special announcement that needs to be addressed immediately. As everyone well knows, I'm a huge fan of Dynamite Entertainment and it's line of pulp comics and have been vocal about them here on my blog. Well, recently it's been leaked that Dynamite was possibly planning on cancelling one of it's titles, The Spider, due to low orders and the CEO of Dynamite said himself that if the book didn't pick up that it would eventually come to an end. Well, the fans spoke out on the official Dynamite forums, the Comic Book Resources forums, and on Twitter and voiced their opinions that they wanted the book to stick around and that the series had a rabid and dedicated fan base that demanded to not be left in the dark. Nick Barucci (CEO) replied on the official forums that the book would continue on as long as they can support it but that things really needed to increase before any promises were made about it's extended stay. So what does this all mean, you ask?

  Well, I'm asking everyone, and I do mean everyone, to write into Dynamite via their official website, bug the forums, fire them off tweets @DynamiteComics, and to flood their Facebook at and let them know that you love the book and that you don't want to see it cancelled. The Spider is one of the best titles on comic book shelves today and is masterfully written by David Liss and illustrated by Ivan Rodriguez and formerly Colton Worley, it depicts the classic character known as The Spider in a modern day New York and is helping to keep pulp storytelling alive alongside the rest of the Dynamite pulp line and deserves it's place on comic book shelves. So please, do your part in helping to keep this book alive.Too many times publishers release a title and then cancel it because it didn't do as good as they'd originally hoped and instead of trying to fix it they just give it the axe, I'm hoping that Dynamite does not take this route and listens to it's fans by trying to fix the problem at hand. I have faith in them, their readers should too. Also, if you've never heard of the book before than please take some time to check out some of these pictures I've posted here on the blog and check this amazing title out. It's got pretty much everything you could ask for in a comic book with amazing art, fantastic storytelling, epic cliffhangers, and amazing characters, it may just be worth your time to sit down and try it out. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog everyone! You can hunt me down via Twitter @Manga4life, as well as over at the Comic Book Resources forums, the official Dynamite Entertainment forums, and and at Take care, everyone!

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