Friday, March 18, 2011

New project for Cozy Cabin/The Thought Corner!


Hello everybody, this is Manga4life with some pretty interesting and exciting news about The Thought Corner blog and a new project that I'm in the middle of planning out that will be pretty damn epic in my opinion. As many who know me from Twitter have learned recently, I am planning to write a book based around World of Warcraft and my favorite character that I've been playing a lot of as of late, it's something I've been planning for about a week now and the other day I announced it on my Twitter account and today I'm posting an official press release for those who don't follow me on there or know me from elsewhere on the web. Now, I to clear something up right off the bat, since I don't own any stake in World of Warcraft or have the publishing rights to any content pertaining to the game and/or it's property then I cannot officially publish or distribute any material centered around the license for profit, so instead I plan to release chapters free of charge right here on The Thought Corner blog! So even though this is not a true publication of Cozy Cabin Publishing it will still be available for the 30,000+ people who have visited this blog or the 120+ people who view this blog on a daily basis, it's my pleasure to supply the friends and readers of this site with fun and exciting reading material on a monthly basis and this project will no doubt be any different.


The plot of this story will follow the adventures of Cavendar (my character in WoW) and his growing up in Darnassus after learning that the city has been demolished by Thrall and his horde of orc's in an attempt to kill Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind to take control of the Night Elf race, when Cavendar learns that much of his dear family has been slaughtered in the brawl he decides to train as a warrior in Darnassus so that he can acquire the tools possible to get revenge for what happened to his relatives. As Cavendar sets off on his quest he finds that it may not be nearly as easy as it seems and that the original goal he had set for himself has quickly become a distant memory thanks to the rising evil of the Black Dragon Flight and their obsession with destroying Azeroth as a whole. Sound exciting? Well, I guess we'll see in due time, wont we?! I've already mapped out the timeline for the story as well as chosen some key characters from WoW's deep lore to compliment the main characters that I've actually created from scratch, other key figures in the book will be real players in the game from my guild, The Grandmaster Gods. Once the first chapter is edited and complete I will post it up right here for everyone to see, this may take a week or two since I want to carefully craft this tale with razor like precision so I can't make any true promises as to when it will be ready to post, but it will be worth it my friend. Trust me.

See you in Azeroth guys, and as always: Reach for the stars and enjoy the ride!

As always I want to thank those who took the time to read my blog, it's much appreciated and you can always check me out at as well as TZ and FUNI.

Take care,

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