Sunday, February 20, 2011

Retro Gaming: "A thing of the past, or something of the future" by thedarkuniter

{NOTE: I would like to thank thedarkuniter of the FUNimation forums for his contribution to The Thought Corner with this short but sweet blog post}


The Odyssey, the Atari 2600, the Intelevision, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Genesis.....these systems and many more reminds part of retro gaming history yet people are continuing to play these retro goodies. Is it the innovation, is it the creativity, or could it be nostalgia from early childhood? The first system I've ever played was the original Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short. I was only 3 years old when I've started to play it thanks to my grandma. The game was Super Mario Bros. Of course when you're younger, you don't really care much on the graphics however you do remember how much fun the game was. When someone mentions retro gaming to younger people, usually they'll laugh, say that current gaming have better advancements and better graphics. Why is it that way? Is it suddenly cool to bash older games? With each passing generation, advancements happens in gaming whether its better graphics, better gameplay or better resolution. However, does it render the games from the past generation useless. Just as recently as last Saturday while doing my job, taking out the trash, I've spotted 3 SNES games ( Mortal Kombat, Super Mario World, and Bulls vs Blazers) and 6 NES games ( P.O.W: Prisoners of War, Sesame Street ABC, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, WWF Wrestlemania, Double Dragon and T&C Surf Designs). I asked myself, "well, why would they them away in the trash. They could at least sold them at a vintage gaming store or pawn shop." Me, being the gamer I am, decided to keep them. Upon looking at the carts, a lot of memories are bought up again.


When I bought the carts inside my job after I've found them, many people are in awe of what I've discovered and then they begin discussing older games such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog and how they've grew up playing those games. A thought occur to me: retro gaming does have a future. Despite all odds with current technology, most people would come back to their favorite games and continue to play them. One prime example is Street Fighter 2. The game is as old as me however, people continue to play it. And with the advert of clone systems, people can now play NES, SNES or Genesis on one system and relive those memories. Also retro gaming tends to be a lot cheaper than newer titles thus people lend towards cheaper games especially in the current recession we have. So the question is retro gaming truly gone or is it just only beginning a new future for many generations to come?

~ thedarkuniter (FUNimation Forums)

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