Monday, November 8, 2010

A quick look at some BOOM Studios & Atlas Comics titles.


I've been talking a lot lately on various messageboards and on Twitter about BOOM Studios and the publishers huge new title called "Soldier Zero" and about the return of Atlas Comics and their first two books called "Phoenix" and "The Grim Ghost", I finally had a chance to shoot some video of me flipping through the first issues and I uploaded it to YouTube (above) for the world to see. Soldier Zero was the best of the three books I'm discussing in the video but all of the books shown in the clip were really fun to read and featured amazing pencils by the artists who worked on them, I honestly would recommend any of these comics to fans who love the medium. Sometime next month when the rest of the BOOM Studios superhero universe is finally on store shelves I will shoot a short video of me flipping through "The Traveler" and "Starborn" so everyone can see first hand what is quickly becoming the most anticipated line of comic books in years.

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