Monday, July 5, 2010

The Garfield Show - Who would have thought?


The Garfield Show. What can I say? To be honest, I can say a lot, but the first and most important thing I'm going to say about this show is that I find it to be exceptionally good and one of the better shows currently airing on Cartoon Network. The only problem with this show is that it's stuck in rerun hell at the moment until the second season finally airs, but that isn't a problem with the actual show itself, it's a problem with the network and how they are running a 26 episode season multiple times throughout the course of a month. That's right, this show airs multiple times during a programming day which means that if you really tried hard, you could probably watch the entire season at least two times over the course of a 30 day period. That isn't good for the show, eventually viewers are going to see it so many times that they are going to forget just how good the show actually is because they will grow sick of it. Other than that one gripe the show is really quite fun to watch, something I was not expecting because of the CGI animation it was rumored to have (something I'm not too fond of), but it eventually grew on me and now I couldn't imagine this show animated any other way. Another reason I was a little weary of a new Garfield show is because I was such a big fan of Garfield & Friends and didn't think anything Garfield related could come close to touching it's brilliant legacy. And honestly, based off of the multiple CGI and live action movies based on the character throughout the years, could you blame me? The CGI animation in this show ended up great and is handled really well, the characters look a lot like their 2D counterparts and I felt the animators did a great job on capturing the classic feel of the neighborhood (where a lot of the story happen).


The Garfield Show tells short 12-15 minute stories of Garfield and Odie getting into many enjoyable adventures, some of which include other fun characters like Nermal, Squeak and even a rouge home cleaning unit that goes haywire and almost destroys their home by being too aggressive. The episodes themselves are written really well, but even though the show is considered to be a comedy I wouldn't exactly say that it's overly funny, it's more or less comes across as clever with slight humerous overtones. Don't let the fact that it isn't knee slapping hilarious turn you away though, the show is very well written and is produced by Jim Davis so you know it's going to have that classic Garfield feel to it. In other words, if you love Garfield then it's pretty safe to say that you will like the show. The point of this specific blog was not to dive too deep into the show and get into detail about every aspect of it, instead, the point is to let people know that if they are not watching The Garfield Show that they are missing something really different on television. I have talked to many people that have passed on this show because they don't think Garfield should have been animated using CGI and that it's ruining the characters legacy by not sticking to animation in the traditional sense. Those people are wrong. Remember, never judge a book by it's cover, I know it's a cliche` thing to say but it's true, and just like a book it's what's on the inside that counts. In my opinion, both on the inside and out, The Garfield Show is a beautiful thing.

I'm not going to give the show a review rating yet like I do with many of the other shows I review on my blog, mainly because only one season has been aired in the U.S and I try to wait until a series is completed before I go ahead and give it a full review, so instead I will just once again reiterate that this show is delightful and worth watching if you are looking for something fun or if you are a fan of Garfield and want to relive those Garfield & Friends moments through a new series.

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