Monday, June 7, 2010

Me flipping through some of the issues of Marvel's new "Heroic Age" comic books. Enjoy!

A couple of months back I promised everyone that I was going to make a quick video of myself flipping through some of the new "Heroic Age" comics that Marvel has been putting out over the course of the past month as part of their new direction in storytelling. Well, here it is. Most of the artwork has been pretty good under the Heroic Age banner and the writing has been pretty much superb, some titles I am not a big fan of such as Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts but if your a fan of those characters then I can pretty much bet on you loving what Marvel is doing with them as of late. Books such as Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers and Vengence of Moon Knight have been very enjoyable and are worthy reads if your into the whole superhero thing (which I am), so if you are not reading these titles already then I would try to hunt them down as soon as possible before they become harder and harder to find.

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