Friday, April 2, 2010

The blog is up, now to introduce myself!

Hello there,

My name is Manga4life (sometimes AnimeOtaku1) and I am a huge fan of lot's of different things, primarily Japanese anime and manga. I also enjoy playing video games, reading comic books and collecting trading cards based on my favorite animated shows, I guess I am just a big kid at heart even though I'm in my late 20's but there is nothing wrong with that (or so I've convinced myself). I decided a few months back that I was going to create a blog, I know people who have blogs and they do some pretty cool stuff with them so I figured I could be doing the same thing, it took me like 4 months to get around to doing it but here it is and I'm ready to begin laying my thoughts and opinions down for the world to see. I have been getting more and more into the internet forums/messegeboard thing, for years I stayed on one solitary board and then became a moderator there but after a while I realized that my interests were better served elsewhere so I joined a forum called Toon Zone and another one called Just Dub's and I am really enjoying my stay on both sites, they even made me a moderator on the latter. How cool is that!?

I didn't realize how many people out there love to watch cartoons, I'm serious, Toon Zone is filled with tons of teens, twenty-something, and even thirty-somethings who enjoy watching cartoons whether it be anime or traditional run of the mill animation so I feel like I fit right in because everyone just like me! Same thing goes for Just Dub's, there are tons of people who prefer dubbed anime to subbed anime and for the most part the members there are fantastic, I have even been adopted into someting called the "Anime Mafia" which is a group comprised of the best posters on the board, a true honor indeed. I am also looking for a forum out there that focuses on strickly manga discussion and one that focuses on trading card game discussion, so far I have yet to find a place I want to settle into, though I have been thinking of joining the ANN forums for the manga discussion. Anyway, I plan on researching a little more and I'm bound to find something eventually, maybe someone knows of a private group looking for members or something along those lines?

Recently I have been bitted by the Twitter bug, I know a lot of people from the forums I have joined have accounts there so I joined and as of this writing I have 3 followers.....yes, 3 followers. I expect my followers to increase as I add "hashtag's" to my posts and I'm sure some of the people I follow will eventually follow me back, so I guess I just have to give it time. It's been a blast so far though and I can see how some people can get as addicted to it as they have, there is lot's to like afterall. My Twitter is located at but I also added something to my blog that shows a few of my most recent Tweets at the top of the page, so if you drop by here you can see some of whats going on in my world (if anyone even cares, lol).

Thats it for now, I appreciate it to those who decided to drop by and check out my ramblings!


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